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Covid cost me my job, and livelihood, so to support my family, I took the biggest risk.. I dumped much of our life savings into starting Big Red's.  I've spent most of my career in the food industry, a passion for hospitality and a dream to open a restaurant has come to be. So the Big Red's Biscuits & Deli story began. We have amazing, super premium meats and cheeses.  Fresh baked home-made biscuits, breads, plus fresh local produce makes our breakfasts and lunches a true stand out in the area.  Our Cinnamon rolls are also baked fresh every morning with scratch made cream cheese icing, and a line of specialty donuts!! We are a quick service restaurant, with an emphasis on getting our orders filled quickly while keeping our commitment to amazing quality and taste with every dish.

Our Drive Thru service goes for the extra mile, so you can have our delicious, high-quality deli food even on the go.

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